“I was alone , I took a ride ,i didn’t know who I would find there”

This is my first post on my shiny new web site and I’m so happy to have you here to share this part of my life. I am hoping this will one of many visits that you make to join me in this new home.
On these pages I will share new works in progress with you, special offers on the art in my shop and talk as if we are already old friends.

I was working yesterday, painting and i had some cd’s playing and i realized that the music i had picked was exactly how i felt.
You know what i mean..good mood..happy music..sad mood..sad music.

And as i was chair dancing to “Stayin Alive” by The BeeGees (don’t judge me!!), i started thinking about how we’re all affected by those little bits of a song that bring us back to a place or time in our lives.

After i heard “I Saw Her Standing There” (Beatles)..i put my barbie doll in a box..childhood was over..and it is such a clear memory to me now, that it could have happened yesterday. The doors “Light My Fire”.. my first bad boy infatuation..with Jim Morrison and the guy i had a crush on that summer. Beach Boys? SUMMER!! you smell the beach, the ocean, i can hear my friends laughing on a blanket next to me. When i hear “Sugar Magnolia” by the Grateful Dead, i remember waking up in the Fillmore East (a concert venue on the Lower East Side in NYC) realizing that i had slept thru the first show and my curfew and my mother would kill me. Joe Cocker? I was at Woodstock, and we were so far away that the artists were specks on the stage..but the news came up the rolling waves of people that he was onstage..everyime i hear “I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends”, i feel damp, tired and happy. When i hear “Sarah Smile” by Hall and Oates..i remember being pregnant with my first son, Joshua..when i hear any song from Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA”, i think of my younger son, Ben who was a toddler and obsessed with the album (that’s what we called them back in the day!)..not suprisingly, Springsteen is one of his favorites even now..And almost 9 years after my husband’s untimely death, music brought me back to the world..Paul, the man i began to see,who now shares my life and love of music, gave me a set of Coldplay CD’s as a gift because i loved the song “Yellow”..The first time i heard that song, it broke apart the pain in my heart.

The beauty of music to me, is the way it shapes our lives in a subtle way ..it’s there part of the moment like a whiff of fragrance, that comes back to you ,years later like a friend saying hello. I think that’s why i started to do my Rock and Roll caricatures..I suppose they were and are a Thank You to the artists that enhance my life with sound..Music is so much a part of me, i doubt that i could live without it..why would anyone want to?

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