Dave Grohl Rock and Roll Caricature

Dave Grohl Rock and Roll Caricature


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From Nirvana to the Foo Fighters,and Queens Of The Stoneage  Dave Grohl is always a force of nature

Dave Grohl has written songs that capture the time that we live in, whether it's an anthem of teenage pain, or a tender love song. 

This loving rock caricature was created with rapidograph pens on bristol board. The reproduction is printed on Lustre paper to retain the density of color and honesty of the original. 

The print is 11" x 14". It is packaged in a flat mailer , not rolled in a tube, so that when it arrives, you'll say i've been ready to rock

As all of my art , this is available in a variety of finshes, sizes and as a blank greeting card and card set

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